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When mulitiple locomotives are used in a consist it is highly desirable that they be electrically interconnected to function properly, so that control circuitry is provided from one locomotive unit, usually the lead unit, through to all other units of the consist so that any electrical action initiated by the controls of the one unit will cause a corresponding reaction in the other units of the consist, thus insuring that all units in the consist perform the same functions at the same time. It is established construction and practice that each locomotive unit is originally provided with an electrical receptacle having multiple pronged terminal contacts, and an elongated jumper cable with headed ends is provided for bridging the space between each pair of locomotive units and for electrically interconnecting the units through the terminal prongs provided in the receptacles. If, however, a jumper cable is not available, or has been lost or mislaid, and while the units may still be coupled together mechanically through couplers, in order to properly use the consist extra crews may be required to operate the additional units of the consist that are not electrically coupled to the lead unit. It will be readily apparent that unavailability of jumper cables, when needed, results in considerable additional expense of added crew time. Accordingly, the object of this invention is to modify the existing electrical receptable construction of a locomotive unit and to also provide a permanently mounted jumper cable for locomotive units so that the locomotive units of the consist may be alternatively used either in the same manner as in the past, or by use of the permanently mounted jumper cable that is provided, so that each locomotive unit always has available the capacity to be part of a multiple-unit locomotive consist. Another object of this invention is to provide, by a simple and relatively inexpensive modification, a permanently mounted jumper cable for a locomotive unit. These and other objects will become apparent from the following description of the accompanying drawings showing a preferred embodiment of the invention, and by reference to the appended claims. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION Through the invention herein there is provided an improved electrical jumper system for installation on locomotive units, whereby each locomotive unit may be used as part of a consist in the same manner as heretofore, and additionally a permanently mounted jumper cable is available on the locomotive unit to insure that at all times locomotives of a consist may be coupled together, thereby avoilding increased expense when a necessary jumper cable is not available. Advantageously the permanently mounted cable is provided with three connection heads so that one head will secure to the existing connection that is presently used on railway locomotive units, and means are also provided to accommodate the permanently mounted cable in a safe and protected manner.

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CDI electronics has been the leader in outboard marine Ignition technology since , and their products are marketed under the name of “Quick Strike ignitions”. This information is supplied as a service guide only and Outboardparts. The information has been obtained from actual Unit analysis, parts manuals, and other sources.

Sep 24,  · Battery Charger hookup. Discussion in ‘Compact Excavators’ started by Greg in KY, Sep 20, Greg in KY Well-Known Member. Joined: Dec 28, Messages: You can charge one battery by hooking it up just like the other battery did not exist, then move the charger or jumper cables to the other battery.

Gazing at Stars and ‘Home Runs’ It’s important that you understand the concept of Star Wiring topology sometimes called home-run wiring before you start. All LAN wiring uses a star topology. Star or home-run wiring means that each access point wall-plate is directly run back to a central or home location normally in the basement or where the telephone service enters the premises with no breaks. Many, if not most, older premises and even quite recent ones use multi-drop telephone wiring which allows multiple phone access points on a single cable run.

Diagram 1 illustrates the differences in wiring topologies. Diagram 1 – Star vs Multi-drop wiring Equipment – Cables and Connectors This section provides some notes about what type of cables and connectors you can use. Today you should be using Category 5e wiring which is typically competitively priced. If you want to invest for the future use Category 6 wiring. Cables 5, 5e or 6 come in two forms. Stranded – each conductor is made up of multiple smaller wires and Solid – each conductor has a single wire.

Stranded cable is typically more expensive than solid cable. In general, cables that are rarely moved, such as runs inside walls or backbone wiring, use solid cabling.


Your cadillac deville wont start whats the problem? First you need to give a little more info. Will engine crank or not, is engine getting fuel.

Step 3: Take the negative cable (black) closest to the car with the good battery and hook it to the negative terminal of the battery. The negative terminal will have a – .

The CD itself is stamped in much the same way as an old style LP but under much more stringent conditions – similar to the conditions maintained in the clean room of a semiconductor wafer fab. The CD pressing is then aluminum coated in a vacuum chamber and the label side is spin-coated with a protective plastic resin and printed with the label. CD-Rs – recordable CDs use a slightly different construction.

CD-R blanks are prestamped with a spiral guide groove and then coated with an organic dye layer followed by a gold film, resin, and label. The dye layer appears greenish and deforms upon exposure to the focused writing laser beam to form pits and lands. DVDs or Digital Versatile Disks or Digital Video Disks depending on who you listen to – implement a number of incremental but very significant improvements in technology which in total add up to a spectacular increase in information density – almost These include higher frequency laser or shorter visible wavelength , closer track spacing, better encoding, and a double sided disc.

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Jump-Starting Diesel Batteries Military. To avoid confusion, in this section I call the vehicle with the dead battery the disabled vehicle and the one you’re jumping the start from the source vehicle. Follow these steps to jump-start a dead diesel battery:

Jan 27,  · My invention idea (Ultimate Jumper Cables, Stationary and Portable Unit Models) is designed to create a new product derived from and old tool (Standard Jumper Cables), providing ease of use and storage along with added safety features currently unavailable in the old “Standard Set Of Jumper Cables”.

Two wires normally referred to as a “pair” are needed for most telephone connections. One of the wires in a pair is referred to as the “tip” and the other is called the “ring”. Color code schemes are used to identify wires within a cable. You may encounter two different wire color schemes while working on your phone wiring. The simplest color scheme is used on normal station cable what your phone tech may call “JK” , which has only two pairs of wire. The first pair has one green wire “tip” and one red wire “ring”.

The second pair has one black wire “tip” and one yellow wire “ring”. For a single phone line, only the green and red pair are normally used. The black and yellow pair is normally spare and available to install a second phone line. The other color scheme is somewhat more complicated and is based on a primary color and a secondary color. The “tip” wire is mostly the secondary color, with marks of the primary color i.

Piper Dakota Maintenance Manual

It’s not a review, just a text on what to look for on jumper cables. If this text breaches the rules, you can spank me. And people please don’t copy my text and publish it one you name, it’s rude and my text is full of spelling errors.

It is not difficult to jump start your car the correct way, once you know how. Pull the car you are using to jump the dead battery in front of the car with the dead battery. The vehicles need to be close enough for the jumper cables to reach, but do not let any parts of the cars touch each other.

It must be capable of delivering the amount of current that the load is demanding. When electrical systems are designed the wire size is calculated for the specific requirements of the electrical components being used. When electrical components are added or upgraded the wire size has to be upgraded also. For example, replacing a low torque starter to a high grade torque starter will normally require the battery cables and possibly the battery to be upgraded.

When in doubt, always use a bigger wire. The higher the AWG number, the smaller the wire.

Car Battery Cable Order: Which to Connect First

View as slideshow Photo by Mark Lohman Americans spend more time in the laundry room than in the bathroom: And yet, while bath design has evolved into a discipline of its own, and the space into a bona fide retreat with soothing soaker tubs, the laundry is often relegated to a basement, separated from the life of the home. Increasingly, though, homeowners are creating laundry rooms that are as integrated as a bath or the kitchen.

Make sure to connect jumper cables in the proper order. Start the working vehicle and let the engine run for a few minutes. Try to start your vehicle. If it won’t start, make sure that the cables are properly connected and have the good Samaritan run his or her engine for five minutes. Then try to .

Disconnect the power and remove your PC’s cover, see our guide. If replacing it with another IDE drive then note where the cables go. All IDE hard drives have the same standard socket types and the IDE cable should have an alignment notch to ensure it is inserted the right way see fig 1. After removing the fixing screws there are four, two on each side of the drive bay gently take the drive out of the chassis and put it to one side.

Unless for some reason you want to replace the SATA data cable then you can leave the other end of it attached to the motherboard. Remove the screws see the diagram on the right and gently slide the device back out of the drive bay, taking care not to disturb any nearby cables. Installing an IDE hard drive The first thing to do is to locate the drive bay where the device will go.

How to Jump Start a Car : Connecting Jumper Cables to the Dead Car Battery