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Curated by JAR2 The Munich Declaration of the Duties and Rights of Journalists The responsibility of journalists vis-a-vis the public has precedence over any other responsibility, in particular towards their employers and the public power. The subtitle here of course is that the State is solely legitimate to suspect and investigate crimes.

But what if the State itself is, in a systemic way, responsible for said crimes? It wouldn’t be a first; after all, democide death by government, a word surprisingly absent from conversations was the first cause of non-natural deaths in the 20th century.

In the immediate aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting, people turned to Facebook and Google, looking for news about what happened and, in some cases, updates about their friends and loved ones in.

And yet it was set up by a sweet-faced year-old schoolboy, Christopher Poole, in his New York bedroom in He wanted to offer a forum for people to put whatever they wanted online with no rules and no fear of prosecution. His business backers in a newer internet venture include some of the founding investors of Google and the news site Huffington Post. His vision of a completely free, unrestricted exchange of information is, after all, what the British computer scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee envisaged when he invented the World Wide Web.

Scroll down for video Downton Abbey starlet Jessica Brown Findlay left and actress Kirsten Dunst right were also targeted by hackers But be careful what you wish for. The original aim for 4chan — as a slightly risque forum for teenagers — soon turned into an internet cesspool as users exploited it to spread the most vile material. For example, pictures of dead people and car accidents are popular, as is extreme pornography and virulent racism.

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A commercial for the Nintendo 3DS shows a trio of grown men getting soundly beaten in Mario Kart 7 ‘s online multiplayer mode. As they speculate on who these mystery guys are, we cut to a pair of Japanese schoolgirls, who briefly wonder if they should show mercy on their opponents for once before laughing and returning to their game. In this older commercial for Honeycomb cereal, a girl called Sarah really gets into her handheld beat-em-up game.

So much so that even becoming a Honeycomb craver doesn’t stop her from going inside the game and kicking the main baddie’s butt literally and immediately lampshaded by her and gouging down all the Honeycomb tokens. When her mom goes upstairs, she finds her daughter still in the game back in human form with this to say: At the end, it is revealed that TheLegend27 is one of the people shown and is a woman.

craigslist provides local classifieds and forums for jobs, housing, for sale, services, local community, and events.

Advertisement But the fake Danley story presented a complete, desirable package to the elements of the far-right internet that spread it. You will now receive updates from Breaking News Alert Breaking News Alert Get the latest news and updates emailed straight to your inbox. By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media’s terms and conditions and privacy policy.

That phony story quickly embedded itself into the algorithms of Google and Facebook, where sites promoting the rumour remained at the top of the results for anyone searching for Danley’s name. Facebook This narrative, backed by no evidence or confirmation of Danley’s involvement in the Las Vegas shooting, spread quickly. That Everipedia post had 77, views as of Monday morning, just hours after it was created. It has since been edited and no longer names Danley as the shooter.

His personal photos, taken from Facebook, were still plastered all over the page. But even as those rumours were thoroughly, conclusively debunked, this false narrative was picked up in the algorithms that, increasingly, have come to define a person’s public-facing identities. There was one exception: There were no links to debunkings or to any mainstream news outlets that had already identified Paddock as the attacker.

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Because Jennifer Lawrence and nude pics are being used in the same sentence. The pics first appeared on 4chan. That’s right, new Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian and more nude celeb photos have leaked online. Some celebs have come out and stated that the picture are fake, including Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice:

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The school said it is reaching out to those who knew her, including her Sigma Kappa sorority sisters. President Trump orders flags flown at half-staff. Las Vegas winters are short and generally very mild, with chilly but rarely cold daytime temperatures. And two others were a veteran corrections officer and his girlfriend who died on the trip they had planned for weeks. Assault arrive plus reported as expected.

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Las Vegas shooting kills at least 59 in deadliest ever US gun attack

By Gianluca Mezzofiore A troll explains why he tweeted a fake ‘missing dad’ picture from the Las Vegas shooting In the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting that left more than 50 dead and injured, the answer seems to be a big fat no. This is the Google search result when you look up the name of “Geary Danley,” who is currently at the center of a 4chan-inspired conspiracy theory that wrongly identifies him as the gunman: That Google News algorithm would put 4chan threads on top of search is crazy enough, but it gets even more nonsensical when you consider the whole conspiracy at the core of it.

As news of the mass shooting in Las Vegas broke on Monday morning, the 4Chan message boards lit up with congratulations to a white shooter for breaking Omar Mateen’s “high score.” “Beaten by.

The motive for the Las Vegas mass shooting crime still remains unclear. This aspect of the narrative also clouds the alleged modis operandi and can later be presented in sensationalized media as circumstantial evidence of an apparent crime, despite the fact any so-called evidence would likely result in many hours of analysis and debate, potentially without an ultimate conclusion, even if the evidence eventually reached a court room setting.

The Las Vegas mass shooting story appears to be no exception…. As the investigation continues to simmer, confusion over major parts of the official story, has led to powder keg of pressure that has resulted in heavy criticism from members of the public and new independent media alike. Why would hotel staff not be alerted to the mounting of cameras and the massive amount of gear being brought to the room prior to the shooting massacre and why is there no footage of the apparent shooter using the freight elevator as is now claimed?

Paddock had killed himself by the time officers entered the room, they said. Why have authorities misled the public about the Las Vegas shooting timeline — and why did it take a so long to breach the hotel suite after police knew much earlier that a shooting had taken place inside the hotel? In the early days of this investigation this part of the story was gleefully parroted by mainstream media. Based on the amount reported gunfire, the public would have likely seen heavy damage inside the hotel hallway and outside the suite in at least several areas of the 32nd floor, not to mention there would also be additional witnesses within earshot of the shooting.

This is something that would have resulted in multiple calls to police. Interestingly, the Mandalay Bay security guard who was previously hailed as a hero, remains completely absent from any TV interviews. This new twist in the Las Vegas shooting adds another bizarre aspect to an already strange case.

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Corey was booked into a Southern California jail on suspicion of battery and resisting arrest. The argument reportedly got bad enough that one of the security guards at the bar had to flag down a cop to keep the confrontation from getting violent. Corey was arrested and kept in custody for several hours.

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Share Other news outlets rushed to dispute the Congressman’s claim that Sam Hyde was the shooter False reports started circulating on social media that the gunman had been identified as a man named Sam Hyde, but followers on Twitter were quick to point out the error Alt-right trolls then began to post the ‘Sam Hyde’ meme each time there was a shooting leading to countless legitimate news sources, reporters, and influential figures actually picking it up. CNN did not attempt to correct or fact check the congressman, although newsroom anchor Ana Cabrera stated that the network had not confirmed the identity of the shooter.

Since , Hyde has been incorrectly reported as the perpetrator of numerous mass shootings and terrorist attacks by internet trolls. The first instance of this hoax was the Umpqua Community College shooting when CNN mistakenly included Hyde’s image on their coverage of the shooting. Hyde has also been erroneously blamed for the San Bernardino attack, the UCLA shooting, the Orlando nightclub shooting, the shooting of Alton Sterling, the suspicious death of a black man in Piedmont Park, Atlanta, the Paris attacks, the Munich shooting, the Kalamazoo shootings, the Finsbury Park attack ad most recently, the Las Vegas Strip shooting.

Since , Hyde has been incorrectly reported as the perpetrator of numerous mass shootings and terrorist attacks by internet trolls Rep Vicente Gonzalez told CNN that Hyde was the man shot 26 people dead at the First Baptist Church. The shooter has since been identified as Devin Patrick Kelley, 26 Share or comment on this article.

What is the QAnon conspiracy and why is it resurfacing?

In , she started a mailing list on the topic that used the abbreviation INVCEL, which was later shortened to “incel”, where it was defined as “anybody of any gender who was lonely, had never had sex or who hadn’t had a relationship in a long time”. She later gave the site to a stranger. That’s a pretty sad version of this phenomenon that’s happening today. Things have changed in the last 20 years. The subreddit was known as a place where men blamed women for their involuntary celibacy, sometimes advocated for rape or other violence, and were misogynistic and often racist.

At the time of the ban, the community had around 40, members.

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Link Google chief Sundar Pichai has teamed the search engine with several fact-checking organisations to certify news results. Bloomberg In an ideal world, Google’s search algorithm should force these fake, pernicious creatures so low in search results that they are buried deep in the web where few can find them. These unicorns – no, they’ve got nothing to do with highly valued startups – are designed to surface in a void. And after a breaking news event, like a mass shooting, there’s scant verified information for Google’s engine to promote.

As Jonathan Swift once wrote, falsehood flies, and the truth comes limping after it. Related Articles How 4Chan, far-right trolls named the wrong man as the Las Vegas shooter “As soon as an event happens, everything is new,” said Nate Dame, a search specialist at marketing firm Propecta. There were no existing web pages or videos broadcasting that Danley was innocent, and in the absence of verified information, Google’s algorithms rewarded the lies, placing inaccurate tweets, videos and posts at the top of search results.

Advertisement A month later, when Devin Patrick Kelley shot and killed 26 people in Sutherland Springs, Texas, YouTube videos and tweets mislabelled him as “antifa,” a term for radical, anti-fascist protesters. This was not true, yet Google displayed these posts prominently. By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. Pandu Nayak, a search senior executive at Google, said the newer policies around search “actually worked really well” after the Las Vegas shooting, with the Danley misidentification being a notable exception.

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Stephen Paddock, 64, killed at least 59 people and injured a further when he fired on concert-goers from the vantage point of a 32nd-floor hotel room in Las Vegas. Armed with as many as 23 weapons, including semi-automatic rifles, Paddock opened fire at As police prepared to storm his hotel room, Paddock committed suicide by turning one of the guns on himself.

With the motive still unknown, police were scouring Paddock’s personal life for clues. It was used in the truck bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City that killed people.

4chan and its descendant 8chan make up a large chunk of what is commonly known as the alt-right. These places are considered fairly moderate by fascist activists in the Discord conversations presented.

Dems Suffer from Premature Celebration. Law enforcement and the CIA have had their asses kicked by 4chan! They busted a masked Antifa terrorist. The disturbing assault can be seen at 0: The sound of that crack was dreadful. Police in Berkeley refused to come to the aid of Trump supporters. Yet there was no coverage of the assault in Mainstream Media.

Down the Rabbit Hole #2 – Podesta /Clinton / Soros /Vegas Shooting Connections-